Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

There’s a topic which is much debated and that is on Digital marketing and how it may have become much better a marketing option than the traditional ways while there are some people who do not agree to this. There is talk in the commercial world that nowadays we seldom see any marketing campaigns spearheaded by traditional methods and the entire flock is drifting towards digitally advertising their product. Newsweek, a force in the magazine industry, recently have decided to switch to completely digital marketing which has tipped the scale in their favour as well. The last calendar year saw a 160% fall in the traditional marketing use and parallel to that, digital marketing expenses increased by 14%.

Traditional Marketing is any form of m

arketing which does not use digital format for branding. Traditional marketing uses business cards, ads in a newspaper or a magazine, etc. People also put posters, billboards and brochures in addition to ads on Television. Referrals are also an important type in traditional marketing as a lot of firms get connected on networks, strike a rapport and then go ahead and do business with them.

Digital Marketing as an entity is still developing and will keep doing so as the technology also keeps increasing. Websites, mentions on Social media, YouTube and ads on banners are all digital media tools. Other people and businesses have to find the business using digital marketing tools when they get attracted to the ads that were put out by a certain company. There are different searching options like organic search, a paid search or finding the business on social media websites and blogs by reading the content which they publish to attract partners and prospective customers. The point is to make your content more visible so that they come across it more often, develop a trust and start business once they are familiar with your firm.

People are still habituated to work with traditional marketing and they consider it a daily life task to look at billboards, read the ads column in a newspaper or a magazine. Traditional marketing is mostly a very local type without a wide outreach and the results are either not possible to measure or very difficult to track down. It might as well be costlier compared to digital marketing and isn’t as dynamic because direct interaction with audience isn’t present.

Talking about digital media, everyone would agree that the results are much easier to comprehend, read and use. The audience isn’t limited to a single zone but spread over a large base. That being said, you can always modify strategy if you want it to reach people locally and not universally. The relation between client and provider is better develop due to more interaction which is transparent as well. This also opens the door for customer feedback but to find a sufficient increase in outreach is a little time taking.

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