Digital Media Marketing Platforms

Digital world is now considered the best for advertising for its reach and the ease it provides to both, the company and the consumers. The company has to pay a nominal fee to advertise and register its presence. While, the consumer just needs to be online to come across the company’s name when they feed in the correct key-words. We can understand it better by taking a look at the various types of Digital Media Marketing Types:

Search Engine Optimization: SEOs are the most popular form of Digital Media Marketing. What they basically do is take in the key-words and give out the results from the matching company’s profile. Google and Microsoft Bing are some examples of SEOs.

Social Media Marketing: SMMs use Social Media as their platforms. Ads on Facebook and Instagram are examples of SMMs.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing is used to generate interest in a brand’s products and services. It is primarily done through blogs, videos and social media posts.

Pay Per Click: PPC ads are basically done to get as much exposure as possible. You pay a nominal amount to any SEO and the SEO will Provide the searcher with your company’s site when they feed in the matching key-words.

Now that we have covered the major types of Digital Media Marketing Types, let’s look at the major Digital Media Marketing Platforms:

Display Advertising: A display advertising can be anything, from a banner to a videos. Instead of creating boring text ads, you focus on making interesting videos highlighting your product. Based on your audience profile and your products, select ad space in specific websites from where you can get good traffic.

Mobile Advertising: This is the newest trend and is quite efficient. From in-app ads to videos, it helps get the consumers’ attention within a snap. Since the whole world is constantly glued to their phones developing short and crisp communication targeting the mobile users is the best practice for advertising.

Cross-channel Advertising: With the help of cross-channel ad software, you shall become aware about the digital journey of your target audience. This, in tur, will let you develop personal communication and have better connect with your target group.

Demand-side Platforms: Demand-side platform allows you to manage multiple ad exchange and various data exchange accounts, using only one interface. With DSPs, you can track real-time bidding, optimize algorithms and get maximum value from each audience. In milliseconds, the search engines try to determine the value of prospective impression and places a bid accordingly. Using DSPs, you can also integrate ads with third-party vendors and ensure more impressions from various sources.

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